Student Jobs

 Let the students run the Race Day. Give them roles or "track jobs" in running the event such as:

STARTER - backs the dragsters into the start gate pin housing unit and triggers the start gate. (coordinates with time keeper)

TIME KEEPER - calls out finish times, checks the recording notes, communicates with Starter

CHARGER LOADER - controls handling of chargers and loads chargers into dragsters at the start

LINE THREADERS (2) - thread dragsters onto lines at start, keep race entries assemblied in correct order

RECORDER - Records results and times of races and correctly enters results onto the knockout entry form 

TRACK MAINTENANCE (2) - keep track clear of small objects and sweep track periodically

BRAKING SUPERVISOR - controls deceleration at finish by keeping deceleration tool (pillow) correctly placed to avoid dragster damage

FINISH LINE CLEARANCE (2) - unthread dragsters from the finish line end and pass to Pit Crew

PIT CREW (2) - transport dragsters from finish to start oftrack as needed

CHARGER RECOVERY - remove spent chargers from the cars and store them away safely

OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER(S) - self explanatory

FILM CREW - self explanatory

CROWD CONTROL - I wonder why???

A little coordination is needed, especially between the Starter, the Time Keeper and the Braking Supervisor.  Once that is sorted the races should run like clock-work.

 Click on the link below and print off some name-tags...