W-Cars - Dragsters For 'Lil Kids (Yr's 5 & 6)

This new Dragster concept is designed for younger children in the primary school years of 5 to 6. You may have heard of our CO2 Dragster Programme for Intermediates and High Schools.   This programme is a logical extension of it into smaller schools such as yours.


If you contact us we will forward you the information you need to get started.

 Our kits contain:

  •         the specified standard wheels,
  •         a balsa base block with two axle pilot holes and a hole to take the power-plant,
  •         four pieces of add-on balsa shapes to be shaped and attached as needed,
  •         two screw eyelets (to accept nylon filament for track guidance,)
  •         two axle skewers, (large - trimthem to the size required,)
  •         two cm piece of rubber hosing to be cut into four axle nuts to hold each wheel on,
  •         vinyl strips and pieces for decal making,
  •         support notes and planning sequences for your class.

We supply on loan the launching gear so that you can race them at school. 

After finding the best cars in your school,  you can post them off to our National Challenge which is always held each year at the end of term three. 

I can guarantee you won't regret involving your students in the designing, building, testing, modifying and racing of these speedy little performers. 


Kids love it! (so do Dads)

For more information please contact us.