Why have them at your school?

Your students will always remember that you introduced them to this WOW FACTOR technology!

Students use the DESIGN, MAKE and APPRAISE
cycle to build and race CO2 powered dragsters!

This project is great for teaching technology as well as graphics. The students have fun, learning through the programme itself, through the opportunities it creates as they follow the design, build, test and race cycle.

As they design, students learn about aerodynamics and ways to make their dragsters go faster - experimenting with the concepts of friction, inertia, thrust, gas expansion, alignment, weight, etc.

Students then build these dragsters using materials and tools in the workshop.

And finally...

..."there is the racing!  Experience the cars flying from one end of the specially designed 20 metre track to the other in lighting quick speeds, timed to within 1000th of a second. Use maths and physics to calculate speed, distance and force to learn why and how one car travels faster than another.

I always look back and remember the fun time we had designing, building and then racing these little dragsters."

(as written by a past student... he should know!)