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I have used the CO2 dragsters as part of my Year 9 curriculum for many years now and find it very motivation amongst boys especially, even though some girls get top marks and speeds. I had enquiries from year 8 students wondering if there was going to be dragsters the following year.

I start with Steppenwolf playing “Born to be Wild” and show them the car flying down the workshop at high speeds. You can’t but get excited!

I incorporate the technology practice into the project and I have certainly changed a few things over the years. I.e. We used to do individual research into Boy Racers, but now I place everyone into groups and they can come up with a lot of great info without the research.

Although we haven’t done any decals yet, some use the air brush for a good finish. I always challenge the class to make a faster car than mine and try and talk mine up as boys love competition and we have  prizes for the top cars.

Alan Read - HoD Hard Materials

St. Peter’s, Cambridge

At Mountainview the CO2 Dragster programme has allowed any student of any year group and academic ability to take part in the competition. We have students in the unit competing in the competition with everybody else all on an equal footing. The Dragster competition is that popular at school that entry to the competition is filled within a day of advertising. We have students in Year 9 competing against students in Year 13 and we have a good entry from the girls as well. We have found that for many of our boys especially those who often struggle in class that this event becomes a highlight of their year. The event also involves a staff and parents division which is again is a positive of the event and very competitive. It is nice to also see the best of the students’ dragsters competing with the best of the Teacher and parent dragsters. In short CO2 dragster racing has been a great success at Mountainview High School and is a part of our calendar at the school. I will be in touch in the new school year to order some kits for 2012.

Peter M.

Mountainview High School, Timaru.

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